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No religion defines itself as clearly as Islam. The declaration of belief reads: "There is no god but God (-Allah) and Muhammad is His messenger". Stating this declaration is sufficient to become Muslim. The affirmation of Muhammad as God's messenger in the declaration invariably involves belief in the Qur'an, a complete and coherent book, which exists only in a single, undisputed version, a version whose Arabic text is still the same as was directly revealed to Muhammad. And the Qur'an, in turn, defines Islam very precisely. It contains all basic teachings and tells us which additional sources (the Sunna) are part of the religion and warns of all other introductions into the faith.
The aim of this webpage is to make an effort to present Islam as it defines itself. The entire content is intended to be non-sectarian and not affiliated with any particular religious group. It has been attempted to avoid all intermingling of local customs and cultural elements with Islam.
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Most articles (all on the basics page) were written by A.M.Omar, the former editor of the Encyclopedia of Islam.