A series of articles, each treating a topic of elementary importance in the islamic religion. The first deals with Allah Himself and how he is described in the Qur'an. The next one is about Divine Revelation. The third explains what worship means and the fourth article deals with a special form of worship, namely prayer.
The reader may forgive that many of the Qur'anic words were kept untranslated in the original Arabic. This may make the text less readable but is unavoidable since the Arabic vocabulary is so sophisticated in spiritual matters that a corresponding English word simply did not exist in most cases.
Who is Allah?
58 pages

This article starts with a short etymological discussion about the proper name "Allah" and then goes on to discuss the attributes of Allah as described in the Qur'an. Each of the four basic attributes is associated with a divine grace. The text will in the future be extended by further paragraphs about other, less frequently mentioned attributes. The article is extremely valuable for understanding the God of the Holy Qur'an since most of the information in the attributes is lost in translations. more...

Divine Revelation
33 pages

Divine Revelation is an indispensable element of Islam. The prophets were not just wise men with intellectual insight but received their messages directly from God. A world without divine revelation would mean that God hides himself from his subjects, leaving them devoid of guidance out of ill-will or lack of power. Islam does not have such weak conception of God, on the contrary, different degrees of divine revelations exist, the lower of which is even experienced by ordinary people or animals. more...

Worship in Islam
8 pages

Using many quotes from the Qur'an, the concept of worship in Islam is explained. more...

22 pages

This article deals not with the details how to perform prayer, instead it focuses on the concept of prayer in Islam. more...